Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Presenting peppers

Below I present the result of my ambition to grow chile peppers. Being the first time ever for me to plant chile in combination with my general lack of knowledge concerning any plants and how to tend them, I must say that it went alright. There were only two or three forms of chile that I didn't manage to grow; the Pequín (which I brought from Mexico), the Jamaica Bell, and the .... Furthermore, while most chiles matured in either august or september, the really hot ones such as the different Habaneros didn't turn red until very late - in late October. These I had to transplant into ceramic containers and move indoors. ( to be continued...)

Chihluacle Negro

Hot Lemon (aka Lemon Drop)

Yellow Adjoema

Unknown chile (from seed bought on a street market in Mexico City)

Hungarian Hot Wax

Orange Habanero

Scotch Bonnet Orange

Scotch Bonnet Chocolate (aka Kongo Black)

Spanish Pepper

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