Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Way too many plants for a guy who doesn't even own a greenhouse!

April 2010. Where to place all these plants. In retrospect maybe I should've listened to the woman working in the plantshop: "don't plant too much! You'll not manage it and instead you'll grow tired of it all". Well, at the time I did not own a greenhouse but I had not room for all the plants inside. Therefore, my only option was to place them outside on the porch where they at least had (a partial) roof over their heads. Regretfully, however, The months of April and May, turned out to be a really cold which resulted in that many of the plants grew very very slow. Even so, after a while, I came to the oh so obvious conclusion that I had way too many plants to care for so I called all my friends to come and get what they wanted,

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