Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The greenhouse effect!

After some thought on how to proceed my new career as a chile grower I decided to construct my own greenhouse. Even if all my plants did not fit in there it sure helped them to get the heat and humidity needed in order to grow, bloom and bear fruits. Some plants I planted right down in the soil in the backyard. Regretfully, however, they never came to bear many fruits. Still more plants were kept in pots inside on the windowsill facing south and others I were given the opportunity by Per and Eva to place in their real greenhouse. Well, all good so far, even though I suspected at this point in time to be a bit late in planting my chile. I was worried that I wouldn't have the opportunity to see my plants bear fruit before the winter was to hit us again!

I wish to thank all those people who helped me with my containers for my plants. I was given a variety of different plastic containers to put my plants in; Mayonnaise-containers from the local Pizzeria Tuppen, Keso-containers from the school's kitchen etc. My neighbor Vivan also gave me a great number of strawberryjam-containers.

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