Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chile Season #2: Sowing the Seed

Today I sowed new chile seeds for the 2011 season! In total I sowed 49 seeds divided on twelve different varieties. Eight of them are chosen mainly because I aim to use them for making chile sauce after harvest. The four remaining chile plants are chosen only because I have never sowed them before and I therefore only plant one seed each of them. These four chiles are: HABANERO CHOCOLATE, HABANERO FATALI, HABANERO LEMON, & SWEET BANANA. The other chilepeppers are as follows: CHIHLUACLE NEGRO (5 seeds), JALAPEƑO (8 seeds), HABANERO (5 seeds), SCOTCH BONNET ORANGE (5 seeds), SCOTCH BONNET RED (5 seeds), BHUT JOLOKIA (5 seeds), HOT LEMON (aka LEMON DROP) (6 seeds), & ANCHO GRANDE (5 seeds).

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